Talking About the Job 面試——談論工作細節

面試人員:Can you tell me a bit about the job responsibilities?

人事經理:Of course.

人事經理:As salesman for our company,

人事經理:you would be required to find new customers and follow up on our existing customers.

面試人員:Oh, so I would have the opportunity to generate my own sales leads.


人事經理:You would locate prospective customers and set up meetings with them to introduce our products.

面試人員:And what are the office hours?

人事經理:Our office hours are nine to five-thirty, Monday through Friday.

人事經理:I bet you're curious about the salary for this position.

面試人員:All right. I admit I am a little curious.

人事經理:Well, the salary depends on experience, of course,

人事經理:but the base salary for sales is twenty-four thousand a year.

面試人員:OK. And may I ask what benefits you offer?

人事經理:We have paid holidays, a one-week paid vacation in the first year,

人事經理:a retirement plan, and bonuses if you meet sales targets.

面試人員:That sounds reasonable.
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